Pet Allergy Treatment from our Veterinarians in Montebello, East Los Angeles, and Lynwood

Pets can end up being allergic to certain things they are exposed to, such as food ingredients or pollen. In some cases, pet allergies can cause symptoms that reduce your dog or cat’s quality of life. At Casillas Veterinary Hospital in East Los Angeles, Lynwood and Montebello, we offer treatment for these allergies.

Common Pet Allergens

Several different allergens can affect pets in the Lynwood, Montebello and East Los Angeles areas. Some of the more common types of pet allergens include corn and other ingredients in commercial dog or cat foods, pollen and other outdoor allergens and dust and other indoor allergens. Some pets are also allergic to flea bites, chemicals found in cleaning products and cigarette smoke. 

Signs and Symptoms of Allergic Reactions in Pets

How do you know if your pet is having an allergic reaction? The signs and symptoms that indicate these reactions are occurring can differ depending on what kind of allergen is causing them. Environmental allergens, such as pollen, can cause sneezing, runny eyes and other respiratory issues. Allergies to flea bites can cause skin irritation, while allergies to food ingredients can cause skin problems or digestive issues, such as diarrhea. Keeping track of symptoms that occur and the possible allergens that your pet is exposed to can make it easier to determine what is causing these reactions. 

Pet Allergy Testing in Montebello, East Los Angeles, and Lynwood

At Casillas Veterinary Hospital in Montebello, East Los Angeles, and Lynwood, our vet is able to run allergy tests in order to determine what your pet is allergic to. Some pets might need skin tests, while others might need blood tests to find out what they are allergic to. The results of these tests help determine the best type of treatment for allergy relief. 

Managing Pet Allergies

Once our vet knows what your pet is allergic to, we can discuss ways to manage these reactions. Limiting your pet’s exposure to allergens, such as changing foods or using flea preventative products, is among the most effective ways to reduce allergic reactions. Allergy injections are also available for pets with severe or persistent allergies. These injections can help reduce allergic reactions, which helps improve your pet’s quality of life. Our vet might also recommend medications to ease symptoms in your pet.

Contact Our Los Angeles Veterinarians at Casillas Veterinary Hospital

If you have pets with allergies, please contact Casillas Veterinary Hospital. Our veterinarians can help you figure out what your pets are allergic to and go over treatment options with you to relieve symptoms.