Pet Dermatology Services with Our Veterinarian in Montebello, Lynwood, and East Los Angeles

Pets can surprise you, and not always in good ways. One minute your dog or cat appears perfectly healthy and happy; the next minute he’s chewing or licking a hot spot, rash, welt, or other skin condition. Some of these conditions are not just uncomfortable but also potentially dangerous to your pet’s long-term well-being. That’s why you want to bring your suffering friend to Casillas Veterinary Hospitals, proud providers of pet dermatology services for Montebello, Lynwood, and East Los Angeles.

Potential Causes of Your Pet’s Distress

Your pet’s skin is subject to irritation, injury, or illness from a number of interiors and exterior threats. Conditions that often plague pets include:

  • Skin irritation – Fleas and ticks are especially notorious for cause pet skin irritation. The saliva in their bites causes redness, swelling, and itching that may cause a bite to bite or bite the area, aggravating it into a “hot spot” and possibly triggering an infection.
  • Hair loss – Hair loss and skin trouble are frequently related. Ringworm (caused by a fungus) and sarcoptic mange (caused by mites) can create bald spots on your pet’s body. An older, sedentary pet can even develop bald spots on the areas from constant contact with the floor or bedding.
  • Rash – A rash on your pet’s skin may be caused by exposure to a harsh or corrosive substance such as road salt, poison ivy, industrial chemicals, and sometimes shampoo.
  • Allergies – While direct skin contact with an allergen can cause a reaction on the skin, many pets’ skin symptoms actually stem from allergies to certain foods.
  • Lumps – If you feel a lump on your pet’s body, you need to get it checked out. Most lumps turn out to be benign growths, but some can be cancerous.

Casillas Veterinary Hospitals Can Help

Casillas Veterinary Hospitals can get to the root of your pet’s skin symptoms and offer safe, effective solutions. Lumps are usually removed just to play it safe (and to run tests on the tissue). Painful, itchy rashes, infections, and hot spots can be treated with soothing topical or oral medications. Flea and tick treatments can rid your pet of another cause of skin irritation. If we suspect an allergy, we will administer testing to isolate the offending allergen and prescribe the proper course of care, from antihistamines to special diets.