Pet obesity is a very real issue, yet it doesn’t need to be. Like humans, your pet needs plenty of exercise and a healthy diet. No matter where you live around East Los Angeles, there are a number of things you can do for your pet to help combat pet obesity. When you visit your local veterinarian, you’ll learn new ways to help improve their weight loss and help them maintain a slim, heathy physique.

Diet Changes

One of the easiest ways to help your pets is to change their diet. This is especially the case with cats. While dogs you have a few additional exercise options, cats become obese almost exclusively because of their diets.

First, look at how much you are feeding your pets. Some pets will eat and eat and eat until there is nothing left to eat. Others are good with stopping when they are full. Understand how much you should be feeding your pet, so that over-feeding does not become a problem. The current food you offer should provide specific feeding instructions for how much you should give to your pets based on their size. Your vet can help with this information as well.

If your pets struggle with obesity, you may want to consider a different food as well. Low calorie diets are available, and even some diets that are higher in protein and lower in fats can help boost your pet’s energy while keeping them fuller for longer.

Avoid People Food

The food we eat is generally high in calories. Where there are some exceptions, such as carrots, you don’t want to give your pets table scraps. Human food is often also high in sugar. One of the top reasons why pets develop diabetes is because their owners feed them sugary snacks.


Take your dog for walks. It could just be walks around the block, but the more you get your pets outside, the more calories they’ll burn. Offer them toys as well, as this can help keep them entertained and moving, which burns calories.

Visit Your Local Montebello California Veterinarian Today

An obese pet is not a healthy pet. The best way to maintain a healthy lifestyle for your pets is to know exactly what they need. A number of quick changes to your pets’ diets and lifestyles will help them go a long way in their battle against obesity. It will also extend their lives and keep you out of an animal hospital. From Lynwood to East Los Angeles, Inglewood to Montebello, when it comes to taking your pet to one of the best veterinarians in all of Southern California, now is the time to visit the team at Casillas Veterinary Hospitals.