Skin irritations are a common issue in pets and require careful diagnosis to find the source of the problem. If you notice your pet scratching or constantly licking at an area or see eruptions or noticeable hair loss, visit us at the Casillas Veterinary Hospitals. Our experienced veterinarians can determine the cause of the skin problem and provide effective treatment to make your pet comfortable again.

Common Causes of Skin Problems in Pets

Many pets are troubled with allergies that are caused by environmental issues, such as pollen or cleaning compounds used in the home. In addition, some skin reactions can be caused by food sensitivities. In other cases, simple cuts or scrapes harbor a bacterial or fungal infection that can become difficult to treat. Parasites, such as fleas or mites can cause skin irritations that result in severe discomfort. Dogs can also develop neuroses, such as separation anxiety, and may begin to obsessively chew or lick areas of the body.

Getting a Good Diagnosis

Pet owners are often puzzled by the appearance of skin problems in their animal companions. A red rash may seem like it’s caused by an external irritant, but it may be that an allergy is the ultimate source of the irritation. Similarly, you may not notice the tiny puncture at the center of an irritation that indicates an insect bite. The experienced veterinarians at Casillas Veterinary Hospitals have seen all types of skin problems and have a variety of testing methods available to help acquire an accurate diagnosis of your pet’s skin problem. Once the cause of the problem is determined, we can provide the right treatment to quickly manage the symptoms.

Treating Common Skin Irritations

Once the source of your pet’s skin problem is understood, the veterinarian can provide medications to treat the symptoms and eliminate the underlying cause. You may be asked to put your pet on an “elimination diet,” feeding only one food and gradually adding other foods to determine the source of a potential food allergy. The vet may use steroid medications or antibiotics to treat skin problems. In some cases, a topical cream or ointment is used to soothe irritated tissues and eliminate infections.

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