As a society, we love our four-legged family members. During times of crisis, these animals keep us company and give us a reason to smile. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, concerns of pets contracting the illness have led to some confused pet owners turning their dogs and cats over to shelters out of fear. Before making major decisions like these, it is best to get the facts from a veterinarian here at Casillas Veterinary Hospitals located in Montebello, East Los Angeles, and Lynwood, CA.

Cats, Dogs, and Coronavirus

Both felines and canines can contract certain types of coronavirus, and they have done so throughout history. However, there are numerous forms of coronavirus, and those suspected of causing problems in pets are not quite the same form as COVID-19. For example, canine respiratory coronavirus is a common respiratory illness that can affect dogs, and dogs actually get immunized for the virus. However, this is not the same thing as the virus related to the recent human pandemic.

COVID-19 and Pets According to the CDC

It is best to look to the largest health organizations for guidance during these times of ongoing speculation. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other organizations have stated:

…there is no evidence to suggest that pets, livestock, or wildlife may be a source of COVID-19 at this time.”

Evidence is lacking to show that pets can either contract the illness from their owners or pass it to their owners.

But What About the Reports?

You may have read an article on Facebook or a news piece somewhere about two dogs who contracted the coronavirus in Hong Kong, and you may have heard about a tiger in a zoo. While these news stories do have some merit, they still do not warrant you being afraid of catching or giving COVID-19 from or to your pet. If you look into the facts behind these news pieces, you will learn that one dog died with suspected coronavirus but was never tested and the other only showed a weak positive at a time when testing was still in its infancy stages. Plus, the CDC is still saying there is no reason for pet owners to be concerned at this time.

Contact Us If You Have a Sick Pet

Taking good care of your pet is all about being an educated and well-informed pet owner, especially during a pandemic when a lot of misinformation regarding cats and dogs can come up. If you have a pet that is not feeling well, reach out to us at Casillas Veterinary Hospitals or get your pet to an animal hospital right away. Call our Lynwood hospital at 323-566-4177, our East Los Angeles hospital at 323-721-2244, or our Montebello hospital at 323-726-1525 to contact us today.