Pets in Montebello and the surrounding area are happy when their people take them for a visit Casillas Veterinary Hospitals because our staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and will make whatever ails them better. If you think your pet has not been behaving the same lately or if their mobility has decreased with time, come in for a checkup because your beloved furry pal could be suffering every day from chronic pain. 

What Are Signs of Chronic Pain in Pets?

A pet will act differently than you are used to, and show other signs as well if they are dealing with daily pain. A dog may become aggressive when touched too much and even snap at its human. A cat may find a dark quiet spot to avoid touches. A pet with chronic pain will likely lose weight, or at least reduce their interest in food and normal activities. Or your pet with chronic pain may continue to act like they always do, but wince and whine when stepping on a certain paw are with a certain hip. If you observe your pet you will notice if they are unwell. 

What Can Your Veterinarian Do About Pet Chronic Pain?

First, your vet will assess the cause and location of the pain. Maybe the treatment will be as simple as repairing a sprain or fracture. Once the cause and/or location of the pain is determined we will decide on a plan to reduce pain, prevent further pain, and keep your pet comfortable. The care plan may include hydrotherapy, anti-inflammatory medications, pain medications for pets, holistic cures, and even surgery. We will determine what is best to make your pet feel great by process of elimination with the least invasive being the first course of action unless the issue clearly calls for more immediate care and action. 

No animal should have to deal with daily pain and discomfort. We will do everything we can to make your pet comfortable and pain-free as soon as possible. 

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If you think your pet has chronic pain or has been showing signs of discomfort and distress and you don’t know why, bring them in for a checkup. We serve patients from Montebello, Lynwood, and East Los Angeles with the best in care in the area. Call today.