At Casillas Veterinary Hospital, we treat dogs and cats with injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Our services offer you and your pet diagnosis, surgery, and rehabilitation. We treat injuries, joint disorders, ligament tears, fractures, and arthritis. Don’t let your pet limp or suffer from pain in their bones due to these types of injuries.  Orthopedic surgery can restore mobility and help manage pain in the body.

Our office treats elbow dysplasia, deformed limbs, joints, and spinal conditions. Some conditions do not need surgery and can be managed medically. If your pet is suffering from pain, it’s important to call the office or visit us for an evaluation.

What is Orthopedic Surgery?

Orthopedic surgery is a specialty surgery that deals with your pet’s musculoskeletal system.  We treat joints, soft tissue, bones, muscle, ligaments, and tendons. Orthopedic disorders can be hereditary or caused by trauma to the bones, infections, or immune disorders. We are well versed in managing pain, healing broken bones, and healing external and internal injuries. Pain management and monitoring your pet after surgery is a big part of our services.

Our staff takes pre-surgery blood work and monitors your pet with state of the art monitoring equipment. Common types of orthopedic surgeries we perform are joint surgery, fracture repair, elbow dysplasia, ligament and tendon reconstruction.

How Your Pet Is Diagnosed

When you come into the hospital, the team will examine your pet thoroughly. We use advanced imaging technology to get a closer look. We use radiography, CT, MRI, and other imaging techniques to get a proper diagnosis. Often, imaging may require sedating your pet, which may take a few hours. When you come, you should bring any additional medical records or images that we do not have. The exam consists of a medical history review, a complete physical exam, orthopedic evaluation, and discussion of diagnostic recommendations.

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