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Fleas and ticks are almost as troubling to you as they are to your infected pet. They can invade your home and cause a great deal of stress to your dog or cat. That’s why we take flea treatment and tick prevention so seriously at Casillas Veterinary Hospitals, serving Montebello, Lynwood and East Los Angeles.

While the parasites can be serious problems to deal with, infestation is a threat that’s relatively easy to avoid. Here are several strategies for preventing infestation and dealing with the occurrence if it does happen.

Easy Avoidance Strategies

The first step to prevention is being aware where your pets roam. If they spend time in your fenced backyard, for instance, make sure that the grass and shrubbery are trimmed. That will make your yard a less appealing home for these pet-loving parasites. Similarly, keep a lid on outdoor trash receptacles so they don’t draw the wildlife that can carry fleas or ticks into your yard with them.

Regularly inspect your dog or cat for signs of trouble. You can use a grooming comb or even the kind you’d use on your own hair to brush through your pet’s fur. Tiny dark spots could well be flea fecal matter. Acquaint yourself with online photos of fleas and ticks so you know what they look like if you spot them on your pet.

Finally, watch for telltale signs of frequent scratching, or pet skin that looks rubbed raw from constant itching.

Treatment Options For Parasite Prevention

In addition to taking these practical steps, it’s important that you involve a veterinary professional in your efforts to keep your pet well protected. Fortunately, we can recommend several reliable means of dodging the parasitic threat, including spray-on and spot-on products, medicated shampoos and oral medications.

Most of these products are familiar brands that are easily available over-the-counter from your favorite pet supply store or order them online.

A Word of Caution

The purpose of these products is to effectively and assuredly kill small creatures. That also means they can be a potential danger to your pet if you’re not cautious. For instance, some of these products are not appropriate for animals that are too young, too old or pregnant. That’s why it’s so important to read the label instructions carefully.

Also make sure that you let us see your pet before you make a decision regarding flea and tick prevention and treatment options. We’ll be glad to recommend the most appropriate treatment based on the needs of your dog or cat.

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