Pet Oral Health Checkups in Montebello, East Los Angeles, and Lynwood

A pet’s mouth has to do a lot of work, not just during mealtimes but also holding and carrying objects. The last thing your pet needs is for an injury, infection or disease to make this part of the anatomy difficult, painful or even impossible to use efficiently. The best way to make certain that all is well in your pet’s mouth is by scheduling regular oral health checkups. Here at Casillas Veterinary Hospitals, our veterinary team is more than happy to administer these evaluations and advise you on treatments, cleanings and home care.

Understanding Potential Dangers to Your Pet’s Oral Health

Pets face a great many potential threats to their oral well being, any of which can seriously reduce their quality of life. These may include:

  • Periodontal disease – Periodontal disease is perhaps the most common oral ailment suffered by pets, affecting up to 80 percent of dogs aged 3 and older. This disease of the oral tissues occurs when plaque builds up on the teeth (and under the gum line), hardening into a hard-to-remove substance called tartar. Bacteria attracted to the tartar prompts an inflammatory reaction from the body, leading to bleeding gums, painful jaw abscesses, dental infections and tooth loss.
  • Oral cancer – Oral cancer can cause significant destruction in your pet’s mouth; in the case of oral melanoma, it can even prove fatal. These types of cancer can progress very quickly and aggressively — and the untrained eye might not notice any symptoms until the cancer is well advanced.
  • Injuries – Injuries to the teeth, mouth and jaw can make it impossible for your pet to chew without pain. A broken tooth is also open to bacterial infection and other complications. These forms of damage need to be diagnosed and treated.

The Value of Oral Health Checkups

Oral health checkups are a wise precaution for catching any problems in your pet’s mouth in their early stages so they can bet treated and resolved right away. Our veterinary team typically urges annual checkups for most healthy adult animals; senior pets or certain breeds who are especially to dental issues may benefit from more frequent exams. We perform these checkups under sedation so your pet will remain still, calm and cooperative throughout. X-rays, visual inspections and dental tools enable us to identify cavities, tumors, injuries, gum disease and other problems. We also administer deep cleanings to remove tartar and discourage bacterial accumulation.