FAQs About Pet Dental Care

Seasoned pet owners know that veterinary care doesn’t stop at their annual examination and shot. Only an animal hospital can provide the kind of pet dental care that your furry friend needs. With three locations in Montebello, Lynwood, and East Los Angeles, Casillas Veterinary Hospitals have veterinarians near you so that you can get your pet the dental care it needs.

What signs of poor dental health should I look for?

We always check the health of your pet’s teeth at his or her yearly exam. However, if you notice any of the following, please visit us soon.

  • A yellowish-brown crust of plaque on the teeth near the gum line
  • Red and swollen gums
  • Bad breath (one of the first signs of dental disease)
  • Pain or bleeding after your pet eats or when the gums or mouth are touched
  • Difficulty eating or decreased appetite
  • Excessive drooling

I just can’t brush my pet’s teeth. What else can I do?

If you are unable to brush your pet’s teeth daily, consider feeding him or her dog or cat food that is specifically formulated to offer dental benefits.

How often should I have my pet’s teeth cleaned?

That depends. Some pets have great teeth and there are others that need constant dental care. At your pet’s annual exam, our veterinarian checks your pet’s teeth and grades their dental health. Our vet will be able to recommend a proper cleaning schedule after an examination.

Why is anesthesia needed?

Anesthesia is needed for the safety of your pet. Two-thirds of your pet’s teeth are below the gum line. As a result, so is two-thirds of the disease. To perform a thorough exam and cleaning, anesthesia ensures the greatest comfort and pain-free experience possible. During the exam, our veterinarian monitors all of your pet’s vital signs, using the least amount of anesthesia necessary.

Good dental health not only can make your pet happier, but it can extend its life by three to five years. Pets are like children, if you start your pet out with good dental hygiene, they won’t hate their visit to us but thank you for it. What else do you think those licks and tail wags are for?