When you take your pet, whether dog or cat, to the veterinarian, they might need to take a closer look at their organs, tissue samples and bones to see the bigger picture. During the physical examination, there is very little that the vet can tell by just looking at them. It might not be in a position to notice anything because some diseases do not have visible signs until they are in the advanced stages. The vet will carry out some tests that are similar to the routine tests done when you visit your doctor. For the finest veterinary care take your pet to Casillas Veterinary Hospitals with locations in Montebello, Lynwood and East Los Angeles.

Bloodwork and What it Can Show

The vet will take a blood sample for analysis. They will analyze the number and the structure of the blood cells to help monitor disease and infection. There are 3 common tests carried out. The first test is the red blood cells which allow the vet to determine if your pet is anemic. A red blood cell test will also tell a lot about how the body of the pet is functioning. The white blood cell test can show if the pet has an infection or an allergic reaction. The platelet test helps the vet determine if your pet suffers from blood clotting disorder or bone marrow problems.

Pet Diagnostics Offered

If your pet’s condition needs diagnostic imaging, there are a number of services offered. They include;
• Digital X-rays – Pet X-rays help the vet to look at the bones and the insides of the pet including their stomach and intestines. There is also dental x-ray for their teeth and gums as well as a chest x-ray to check if there is a fluid buildup or lung disorder.
• Ultrasonic imaging
• ECG imaging
• Endoscopy – It helps the vet view the internal organs of the pet.
• Urinalysis
• Fecal smear

Why Should Pets Get Bloodwork and Diagnostics

Diagnostic tests can help detect pre-existing conditions like anemia. Bloodwork on young pets gives vets a baseline to help them monitor their health throughout their entire lives. Small changes from their baseline can be quite significant. For older dogs, it is important to have a full blood screening because there are many diseases that take long to show an outward sign.

Contact Casillas Veterinary Hospitals

To keep your pet healthy, it is vital that you take them to the best veterinarians, so they receive the best care. Part of the care is having pet bloodwork and getting a full diagnostics. If you have any questions, feel free to call Casillas Veterinary Hospitals at any of three locations: Montebello, East Los Angeles, and Lynwood. We look forward to caring for your pet.